Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome to The Fleabagger Portfolio

This blog is not related to the blog at fleabagger.blogspot.com. It is, however, related to the FleaBagger of CAPS fame. (Okay, well, probably not fame, per se.) This blog is going to offer free stock advice, caveat emptor, and make one recommendation of a stock purchase every month. You are always completely responsible for the investment decisions you make, whether or not they were based on my advice. I sincerely hope that my advice will make all of my readers rich beyond their wildest imaginations, but if you follow my advice and lose all of your money, I will not be held legally liable. Consult your own financial advisor.

I expect to make my first pick on or around June 1, 2008. I may (or may not) decide to distinguish among different risk levels, intended holding periods, etc. Watch this space for updates.


Broken196 said...
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weblogbob83 said...

Broken - I wrote your email address on a post-it and deleted your comment to protect your privacy. If you want your email address on my blog, feel free to re-post it.